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Special Conference Concludes for NIHWU Hotel Pokhara Grand

The Nepal Independent Hotel Casino and Restaurant Workers Union (NIHWU) - Hotel Pokhara Grand, has elected a 15-member committee under the chairmanship of Cde. Yama Prasad Sapkota in a special conference held on February 6.

Cde. Laxman Tiwari, Central President of NIHWU, stated that the union, active in the tourism sector, is the only official trade union representing the hotel. He emphasized that the union operates collectively and institutionally, asserting that it does not operate based on the whims of any individual.

Cde. Manmohan Gayak, the president of Pokhara Grand and also the central vice president of the union, was disciplined by expelling from his position due to his involvement in anti-union activities.

Cde. Rudra Bahadur Khatri, GEFONT Gandaki Provincial President, affirmed that the union's vitality and continuity would not be compromised by the migration of a few individuals. He stressed the importance of unity, organization, and perseverance in striving for the rights of workers.

Cde. Badri Kumar Bhandari, Central Secretary of NIHWU, highlighted that for the past 18 years, NIHWU, as the official trade union, has been actively addressing the workers' concerns.

During the opening ceremony of the special conference, speeches were delivered by GEFONT National Committee member Cde. Pampha Pahari, GEFONT Province Committee member Cde. Badrinath Subedi, NIHWU central member Cde. Keshav Prasad Sapkota, Union Hotel Pokhara Grand Vice President Cde. Nita Mainali, Secretary Cde. Ramchandra Acharya, and others, addressing various issues about workers in the tourism sector.

Workers and employees are protesting in Kantipur

Kantipur United Struggle Committee organized a program on 28th June 2080 at Kantipur Publications. The joint struggle committee of the workers and employees belonging to four unions, including Impression Nepal, protested with 7 different demands before the manager of Kantipur Publications.

In the event, Impression Nepal's President Balgopal Thapa underscored that all employees and workers here should have their rights, privileges, and benefits as per the Journalist Law. He stressed that if these rights aren't upheld as mandated by law, we possess the capability to hold management accountable and enforce them. Balgopal Thapa affirmed Impression Nepal's commitment to supporting such actions for ensuring rightful rights and benefits for employees.

The Kantipur Struggle Committee has included the following 7 demands - the full enactment of the Journalist Law and the complete dissemination of the Honorable Supreme Court's verdict, ensuring provisions for severance pay as per the Journalist Law upon resignation, compensation arrangement in case of employee layoffs as per the Journalist Law and regulations, provision for home leave and sabbatical leave, establishment of a welfare fund, and inclusion in the social security fund right from the initiation of service, among others.

Trainer training on OSH concludes

The general federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) organised a trainers training on occupational health and safety at hotel heaven grand on July 9, for the workers working in the tea and cardamom sector of Jhapa, Ilam, Pachthar, Taplejung and Dhankuta Districts of Koshi province.
During the training 34 trainer leaders participated held with the aim of making the workplace safe and dignified by expanding the organization in the tea and cardamom sector.

The coordinator of the tea garden area union Santa Rai highlighted the rationale of the program, while the training of trainers was facilitated by Bidur Karki Vice president and head of the Education Department.

GEFONT Koshi province   President Kishor Dhamala disclosing about the future work plan of GEFONT to expand the organization in that area and said that within the month of June July, a gathering of leading workers will be organized separately in Jhapa, Ilam and Dhankuta for the training programs on occupational health and safety.

Tea Garden Workers Demand Wage Increase


On July 24, the tea garden workers demanded wage increment through the active trade unions in the tea sector including  Nepal Agriculture and Tea Workers Union, Nepal Tea Garden Workers Union, and All Nepal Tea Laborers Union have submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister of Nepal through the Jhapa District Administration Office.

The worker's rally reached the Jhapa District Administration Office along with the statement including raising minimum wages, implementing the employment agreement, Implemented the contribution-based social security.

Despite informing the employers about their demands on June 20 and not receiving any response, the three trade unions have been protesting continuously by raising black flags at their workplaces since July 17.


Tea Workers and entrepreneurs reached to an agreement: Protest Called off

Kathmandu, An agreement between Tea Workers and entrepreneursin writing to provide wages to workers in line with the Labour Act and Regulations.

With this, the tea estate entrepreneurs have agreed to provide daily minimum basic wage Rs 231, dearness allowance Rs 145 and an additional Rs 42 for security guard serving in the estate/industry.

The agreement is to implement the provisions of Labour Act-2074 BS and Regulation-2075 BS in case of the workers of the tea estates and industries.

Agreement has been signed between Nepal Tea Producers Associationand representatives of the Trade unions.

Workers from tea sector in Agitation

Tea sector workers are in agitation demanding for the implementation wage fixed by the government. Three national level tea-plantation workers union declared agitation programme as the tea-companies denied to increase the wage of workers as declared by the Government.

Two national level union including GEFONT affiliate Federation of Agriculture and Plantation workers union of Nepal (FAPWUN) handed over the Memorandum to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) and Nepal Agricultaral research council (NARC).

On the occasion, represenatives from MoLESS expressed their commitment to send the circular on wage increment through Labour office and labour department