• Trade Union in Bank and Finance Sector

    Kathmandu: GEFONT is gearing up to form bank and finance sector staff trade union affiliate says GEFONT Secretary Keshav Dawadi.
    Zonal contact committee of finance sector workers have been formed in Mechi, Koshi, Sagarmatha, Gandaki, Lumbini, Dhaulagiri and Bheri zones.

  • Nation Wide Membership Recruitment Campaign

    Kathmandu: Eight federations affiliated with GEFONT have initiated a month long nation wide campaign from November 17 with aim to recruit 33 thousand new members. According to the GEFONT General Secretary Bishnu Lamsal the eight federations are busy with membership recruitment, membership renewal, Committee formation/reformation, gatherings and trainings as part of the campaign. 

  • South Asian Labour Forum Concluded

    Nov 23 Kathmandu: South Asian labour forum, organized as a part of people SAARC, concluded today. The forum was organized just two days before the SAARC conference, which is going to be held in Kathmandu  from 26 to 27 November 2014.



  • GEFONT and Affiliates express Solidarity to the IPWUN protest

    GEFONT, its Affiliates and  different political parties have expressed solidarity to the Independent Press Workers' Union of Nepal (IPWUN) protest. IPWUN has been picketing in front of the Janak Education Material Centre Limited Gate since Nov 16, 2014 demanding to reinstate the 230 workers who were dismissed without any reason.

  • GEFONT Submits Memorandum to Janak Education Material Centre

    Nov. 11 Kathmandu: GEFONT submitted memorandum to Janak Education Material Centre Limited.  Leaders from GEFONT met the Administration Chief of the Limited, Mahendra Gautam and demanded to reinstate the 230 workers dismissed without any reason.

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