• Catering Workers Meeting Concludes

    Oct. 19 GEFONT organized a first ever meeting of workers from catering sector. The meeting was inaugurated by President of Gandaki- Dhaulagiri Zone GEFONT, Mina Gurung. In her address to the gathering she said workers should organize and unite to protect their rights. 

  • GEFONT pays tribute to lives lost in Tragic Annapuran Avalanche

    Oct. 17 The recent avalanche in Annapurna region claimed lives of many. Among the lives lost were UNITRAV members – Aiteram Ghising, Sanukaji Ghising and Pasang Tamang from Rasuwa district.

  • Scholars Debate on productive vs unproductive; living vs dead labour

    October 12: CPN- UML Secretary Cde Pradip Gyawali highlighted the concept of Productive labour and unproductive labour as basis for defining working class saying ‘Productive labour links the living labour with dead labour’. He was reviewing the article “The Working Class Today: The New Forms of Being of the Class who lives from its Labour” by Ricardo Antunes in the discourse program held by GEFONT on Working Class and Future Economy.

  • Main hindrance to uplift working class is the comprador capitalism: UML Dy GS

    October 12: Reviewing the article “Marx’s Concept of The Working Class and Some Trends in the Development Of Capitalism” by Nicolas Inigo Carrera in a discourse program held by GEFONT on Working Class and Future Economy,  CPN- UML Deputy General Secretary Cde Ghanashyam Bhusal said- Marx’s conclusion to understand and define working class through profit, rent and wage is best basis to define working class so far.

  • Who are the Workers of the World? UML leaders tell the Unionists

    October 12: CPN- UML Leader Shankar Pokharel discussed the context of Marx and Beyond in the GEFONT held discourse on Working Class and Future Economy. Reviewing Marcel Van der Linden's the article-"Who are the Workers of the World? Marx and Beyond” he agreed with the author’s conclusion that present situation should be analysed in new light rather than just Marx's time. 

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