Transformation: By Building Workers Power (Policy Document adopted by 6th National Congress - EN)

Transformation: By Building Workers Power (English Version)

Policy Document
Adopted by 6th National Congress
​March 28-31, 2014; Kathmandu

There are debates but we are close to a common conclusion. Transformation gained through ‘revolution’ can be classified into two categories of political and social ones. Political revolution will give way to transformation of our politics, for example, we overthrew old feudalistic monarchy and declared Nepal a republic. “Republic Nepal” is a political transformation through “rhododendron revolution 2006”. Social transformation means transformation of the society and we are now at the entry point. Social transformation will establish new relations among and between classes and social groups. If we accept the three phases of revolution based on our philosophy – collapse of feudal structures of society, development of capital and movement towards socialism, then we are at the doorstep of the second phase. The question is - how is the transformation possible? And we answer “through the development of workforce”. Therefore, this 6th National Congress is going to be concluded under this theme: “Transformation: By Building Workers’ Power”

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