Catalogue of GEFONT Publications

The GEFONT Publications

'Sarmik' or Worker- a cartoon booklet related to the Labour-Employer relationship published at 1990, was the first publication of GEFONT. Immediately, GEFONT launched a periodic-magazine in Nepali (Sramik Khabar or Workers' News) to disseminate information related to GEFONT movement. In course of time, several publications, targeted not only to the workers in general; but also the researchers and academicians, have been published. If we count these publications, the number crosses over hundred.

Definitely, the GEFONT is not a publishing house, however if some one asks- "let me know what sorts of publications the GEFONT has"; the answer may be- "Oh! There are many under various titles!" This publication, GEFONT sincerely hopes, will tell you direct answer about our information, campaign, research and educational materials in different forms.


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