Plan of Action for 2014-2018

Major Achievements of the immediate past tenure

During the current period, our programme for transformation has covered on education/ training programmes to enhance workers awareness, to coordinate with political parties and Constituent Assembly members to formulate pro worker constitution.

Political parties have agreed in principle for 10% representation of working class in state bodies. Adjustment of labour agenda in their drafts by Thematic Committees of CA and formation of ‘Labour and Finance Committee’by the Parliament as the institutional recognition of the utmost importance of labour relations is countable achievement.

Our Policy coverage was much wider to strengthen local structures and struggles, to increase membership in agriculture-construc- tion-self employed sectors, to promote social image of the union movement through mobilizations in special days and to mobilize workers for fair wage and decent work agenda.

In order to implement the broad-based policy Different activities conducted at different phases are as follows:

Several proposals /suggestions were put forward during 5th National Congress towards restructuring of confederation and affiliates. Many works/ activities designed to function after the formation of federal states, have been postponed for the coming term. Still there were some problems in mobilizing the existing structures in current situation like –Geographic structures, union Councils, Youth, Women and Labour Relation.

GEFONT Future Action

Building Workers Power is the necessary condition for Transformation. Major areas of work for building workers power may be put in a formula type expression as Involvement- Organizing-Educating-Mobilizing. Hence focusing these major areas of work, Following is the programme for this tenure:

1.    Transformation: By Building Workers power

The Programme for Building Workers Power has two aspects – Right-based and organizational works. Following  two headings will include both the aspects:

a)    Ask Them: Where is our space ?

b)    Mobilize- Organizing Academy

2.    Action for Secured Future

3.    ‘Count Us in’ Programme

4.    One Union-One Voice

Under One Union campaign, several activities based on the principle of Initiatives- Competition-supremacy have created a wider structure for platform of single unionism. Joint Trade Union Coordination Centre (JTUCC) is in the process of taking a solid structure from a loose forum.

Therefore in the coming term,

5.    Struggle and Co- Existence

6.    GEFONT Y-Gen

Our aim is to build union to continue workers’ movement for centuries. Therefore, to handover responsibilities to the future generation becomes imperative and we focus our work on youth generation.

If we calculate the time spanning from 1979 and the present, the three generations is participating in this movement. We need to acknowledge that the third generation is the product of digital age.

Thus, in forthcoming tenure, the structure for involving youth generation should be upgraded to educate and aware the potential youth leaders about labour and politics to develop their leadership capabilities.

7.    Connecting the Globe

GEFONT is now a familiar name in international trade union family. This is the outcome of our collectivism in struggle and partnership since past 25 years. GEFONT is well recognized from ITUC to ILO Governing Body and from labour policy research bodies to multilateral social forum.

Therefore, in the forthcoming term, we will continue to contribute in international trade union movement and GEFONT will maintain the necessary connections with International bodies of sub regional, regional and international level, GUFs and national centres of all continents.

8.    Organizing Beyond Borders

For the past two decades GEFONT is organizing migrant workers in the destination countries with the slogan 'GEFONT among Workers Wherever They Are'. In some instances our efforts are enviable whereas in some our efforts have not bore fruits. Keeping in mind, the failures and challenges of past two decades in this term, we will

9.    GEFONT- TUPI for Policy Analysis

We will establish and operate Regular Trade Union school for building the base for new generation trade union movement. We will establish GEFONT- Trade Union Policy Institute (GEFONT – TUPI) with a view to facilitate the school with necessary policy analysis. We will also focus our attention to strengthen National Labour Academy for comprehensive research on labour issues.

10.    Information and Communication

GEFONT’s Publicity work has been satisfactory and this will be continued in forthcoming term as well. We will further strengthen broadcast and Information communication, and continue partnership with media persons to ensure more favourable social image of GEFONT. We will pay emphasis to further maximize the digital medium like website and smart phones in the coming term.

11.    Self-reliance programme

The programme to promote investment could not garner much result during the current period. Even though our fi    situation is not discouraging we could not fulfill the dream of initiating a sustainable base for investment.

Therefore, in the coming term, to strengthen our financial programme, following activities will be undertaken:

Programmes and Activities

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