Experts recommends Labour Minister concerning Bilateral Agreements

Labour Employment & Social Security Minister Gokarna Bista has discussed with Experts concerning the bilateral labour agreements and MOU between Nepal & destination countries.GEFONT Vicie President & Advocate Ramesh Badal participated in the discussion and suggested about the issues needed to be included in Labour Agreement & MOU. 

Cde.Ramesh Badal informed that during the discussions, Dignitaries recommended various issues that must be included in the Agreement like - no cost requirement while recruiting the workers, provide social security to Nepali workers as per the law of destination countries, provide special protection to women workers, proper way of sending remittance, security to the family of workers if the workers unable to work due various  cases, easy way of sending the body in case if workers died etc. They also suggested making specific Mechanism to implement the agreement made between sending & destination countries.  

Likewise, Experts suggested the Labour Minister to implement the ILO Fair Recruitment Guidelines and also presented the bilateral agreement between Nepal & Jordan which can be good example while making agreements with other Countries.  

GEFONT Vice President Ramesh Badal including Secretary of Labour Employment & Social Security Ministry, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Former Minister, Former Secretary, Nepali Ambassador to Oman, Former Ambassadors etc have participated in the discussion programme.  

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