GEFONT Interaction Program to operate GEFONT Solidarity Fund

April 14- GEFONT has organised Interaction Program with GEFONT Affiliates & Committees Members to discuss on operation of GEFONT Solidarity Fund with more than 10 Millions. During the program recommendations collected on Formation of Fund Operation Committee, setting areas for support etc.

Speaking in the Interaction program, GEFONT President Bishnu Rimal said that GEFONT Solidarity Fund is different than Welfare & other Funds   operating by GEFONT & Affiliates . It will be utilise to support workers having severe health problems.

He said during the GEFONT Fund Collection Campaign, target was 200 Committees but 264 Committees supported Rs. 25000 each in the GEFONT Solidarity. So President expressed gratitude to all those Committees who supported as well as all leaders who were mobilised actively in the Campaign and achieve the goal to establish sustainable  Fund. He urged participants to recommend clear plan for systematic operation of Solidarity Fund.

Likewise Speaking in the program, Acting President Haridatta Joshi said that in past different Funds were established but could not continue as expected but GEFONT Solidarity Fund will be managed to operate systematically. Target of Fund is to support for Health & Education. However, priority is Health. In Transport & Construction Sector there are lots of accidents so GEFONT will plan how to cover these sectors.

GEFONT Vice President Bidur Karki expressed his view that GEFONT Solidarity Fund was establish targeting to Health problems of workers,  so support should be provided according to the condition of patient and not target only specific diseases. He suggested to form Fund Operation Committee with representatives from 8 Union Councils and Coordinator of Union Council can be Coordinator of Committee.

GEFONT Secretary General Bishnu Lamsal said that according to the collected recommendations, regulation will made for operation of Fund. It is expected to support the workers having severe health problems, however it may be needed to help in other cases   like big surgery, therefore Secretary General requested everyone to discuss to make  clear plan. He added Natural Disasters is also big problem for Nepal, so we need to think about that situation too. He also urged everyone to think how to make Fund Sustainable.

Executive Director of GEFONT Policy Institute, Umesh Upadhyaya recommended to Focus Solidarity Fund fully on Severe Health problems rather than education and Natural Disaster cases. During the Natural Disaster GEFONT has been operating separate mechanism to help and it also need large amount to support which could not be bear by GEFONT Solidarity Fund. He also suggested to include local level, Affiliate and GEFONT Representatives in the Fund Operation Committee. 

During the Discussion, GEFONT Secretary Ramesh Badal proposed to make 7 members Fund Operation Committee. He suggested to make policy for members to get support and also  make clear that those who became member just a day before could not claim for support. He also requested all the committees who supported in Solidarity Fund should not expect to get support back.

During the Discussion different Affiliates and Zonal Presidents gave their recommendations. Most of them suggested to give priority to support for severe health problems & big surgery cases. Some of them suggested to support for accidental as well as Natural Disaster cases. They  also  suggested to continue collect the support in Fund from remaining Committees.

Participants further suggested to make strict rules so  that
•    Member should have at least one year old membership with  renewal
•    Recommendation of Zonal President and Central Affiliates needed to get support
•    Support should be given to certain percentage of treatment bill
•    Same person should not get support again

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