Organized power leads to change and provides stability to it: CPN UML general secretary Sankhar Pokheral

CPN UML General Secretary Sankar Pokhrel has wished to the new leadership of General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) for organizational Dynamics.  Speaking as a chief guest at the oath taking ceremony held in 24th of August of the leadership elected by the 8th National congress GEFONT, he opined that the program set up make the organization agile up to the municipal level will help the working class to organize more. Saying that this will increase public opinion in the upcoming election, he instructed them to be more active in fighting the five party alliances, which is in favor of commercial capitalism.

Saying that Nepali Congress is now on the way of the protecting their existence and said that its cannot implement its policy.

Saying that the Congress cannot lead the change, he opined that a strong leader with vision is require for social change and the entire alliance, including the Congress, does not have such a leader.

In contrast to CPN-UML in the country at present, CPN-UML has strong leadership and clear policies, so there is agility and dynamism in the organization.

Secretary General Pokharel's questioned that whether the siege and attack are being done because of internal affairs of Nepal. General Secretary Pokhrel said that it is necessary to form a united front among various parties for changing the political system and that has been practiced in the past in Nepal, without any purpose, goal and destination, the five-party front held the view that it would only block the path of change.

General Secretary Pokhrel said that the political parties of Nepal are the champions of revolt and the changes have not been achieved even after the completion of the political revolution.  He pointed out the need for unity among the trade unions as well, saying that national politics is going through a challenging time. He said that it is not necessary for trade unions to be divided in the name of physical labour and intellectual labour, and he suggested moving forward by looking at the interest of the class.

He conveys that unorganized power is not an alternative to organized power, saying that it is organized power that will lead to change and provide stability.

General Secretary Pokhrel said that the recruitment of Gorkhas in Nepal has increased the attraction of foreign employment and said that recently there is a tendency to earn less than in Nepal and go abroad for difficult jobs.

If we can create a decent employment environment, we can attract the youth to the country's employment saying that trade unions can play an effective role regarding this. General Secretary pokhrel said that the traditional backward and subsistence-oriented production system can be changed through the use of equipment.

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