The welfare system in the country is the cornerstone of socialism: Bishnu Rimal

Kathmandu: CPN-UML Deputy General Secretary Bishnu Rimal, said that the welfare system lays the foundation of socialism in the country so that it is necessary to guarantee employment, education, health, and social security. With the imperative to guarantee minimum employment to all the citizens, he reminded that the CPN-UML-led government has launched the Prime Minister’s Employment Program. The foundation of the aforementioned is the provision of access to education, health facilities, and health services, as well as the implementation of contribution-based social security.

Speaking as a special guest at the planning meeting of member unions organized by the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) in Kathmandu, who is also the patron of GEFONT, opined that co-existence between employers and workers is substantial.  He said that workers and employers used to prohibit each other in the past, but the modus operandi of movement changed with the dawn of democracy. Given the disparities between the democratic movement and the democratic movement within a democracy, Rimal stated that the democratic conflict can be resolved through dialogue.

Amid speaking on GEFONT’s goal, he said: “We aim to establish a society where the workers’ right is safeguarded and make the state mechanism more conducive to the rights of the working people”.  He noted that GEFONT has always desired to build a strong and consolidated organization and that its affiliates are generally strong and united, and he recommended that it be made stronger and more unified.

Rimal identified two types of competitors to GEFONT in the current labor market, one as a long-term competitor and the other as a fugitive remixed competitor. According to him, the rivals with remixes lack a solid foundation and will fade away over time. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of expanding membership by demonstrating great competitiveness among long-term competitors.

He went on to say that GEFONT's campaign has always been a major priority and that the labor sector's challenges and policies should be viewed through the perspective of GEFONT and its member unions.“ Overall, the world must see Nepal's labor market through GEFONT's eyes." 

He emphasized five vital things to do: rights, access, equality, social justice, security, and respect when outlining GEFONT's current must-do work. Rimal said: “First thing is the right for all, second is access to opportunity, the third is equality for which we must fight for, the fourth is social justice and fifth is security and respect”.  According to him, CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli called it “five foundations of ideal democracy”.

He added that prosperity is the cornerstone of happiness, including social justice, and a precondition for good governance, citing the CPN-UML’s dream and national ambition which is “prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali” and added, “Happiness is the easy accessibility of biological and humanitarian needs.” 

He asked all of GEFONT's member unions to extend their membership by meeting with peers in every location, saying that only then would the organization be powerful. He accentuated political awareness and affiliation to political parties among members, citing the need for a large number of members for a powerful organization. Furthermore, he stated the members of GEFONT must be the members of CPN-UML, saying this would strengthen the right of workers’ representatives even within the political parties.

He recommended GEFONT's leadership and member unions to be able to provide assurance to its members in terms of investment, returns, and security. And further suggested that members should be assured that their time and effort invested in the organization will not be squandered, that significant profits will be obtained, and they would receive a pension if they are unable to work.

Earlier, CPN-UML General Secretary Shankar Pokharel has had commented as chief guest at the event. Officials and representatives of GEFONT, Central Committees, GEFONT’s National Committee, and Provincial Committees of various unions affiliated with GEFONT were participating in the program.

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