GSG-Qatar Handover Financial Support

Kathmandu, Gefont Support Group (GSG-Qatar) has provided financial assistance to Mrs. Shanti Khatri, wife of former vice president of the GSG-Qatar. She has been under treatment for breast cancer.

On the initiative of GSG Qatar Rs. 77,000 collected has handed over to GEFONT President Cde.  Binod Shrestha by the Founding President  of GSG Qatar Cde. Bishwaraj Nepal, on the occasion of the National Gathering of GEFONT in Kathmandu on 29 January 2020.

In the same program,President Shrestha handed over the support  amount to Aai Bahadur Khatri and wishing a speedy recovery of Mrs. Khatri.
On behalf of the GEFONT. he also thanked all those who helped for the treatment.  Mrs. Khatri has undergone surgery.

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