Nim Budha becomes a President of IMPRESSION Karnali Province.

The second gathering of ICT, IMPRESSION Nepal  Karnali Province has been concluded in Birendra Nagar. The gathering has formed an 11-member provincial committee under the presidency of Nim Bahadur Budha.

Speaking as a Chief Guest, President of IMPRESSION Nepal Balgopal Thapa told about the objectives, policies and programs of Impression Nepal and urged them to conduct a campaign to involve all workers in Contributions based Social Security.
Likewise, GEFONT Karnali Province President Tej Prakash G.C said that should join the union and development leadership and play a role in favour of social justice by transforming the union into a power.

The guests of the program, GEFONT National Committee Member Chandra Kumari Dhami, GEFONT  Karnali Province Secretary, and NATU  Karnali Province President Mijjan Ansari wished the success of the gathering.

In the program conducted by Surendra Regmi, the newly elected president, Nim Bahadur Budha, expressed his commitment to conducting a campaign to include everyone in social security and to conduct training and training according to the needs of the workers' capacity and growth.

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