Discussion on recruiting agencies ranking website

Kathmandu, GEFONT has organized a discussion program on a digital platform Migrant Recruitment Advisor (MRA). The website has been launching with the aim of safe foreign employment. The program was attended by trade unions, NGOs, Researchers, Journalists & concern organizations.

Speaking on the program,GEFONT President&President of the Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JTUCC) Cde. Binod Shrestha said that GEFOT has launched the website to facilitate those who are planning to go to foreign employment and those who already in foreign employment throughMigrant Recruitment Advisor.
He further said “to reach sooner run alone, to achieve success we should walk together” for that trade unions would have to believe in cooperation. He emphasized the need for strong cooperation between trade unions, government and CSO to make foreign employment safe& decent. “Foreign employment is not long term solution it is a short-term employment solution for Nepal” he further said.

President Shrestha recalled that GEFONT has initiated organizing migrant workers in destination countries from Korea since 1993 and now it has expanded in most of the Gulf Countries including Malaysia. Instated of agitating workers GEFONT is aiming to sensitize for their rights.  GEFONT has been organizing Nepali migrant workers in destination countries and connect them destination countries union.

President Shrestha expressed his views on the need for creating a safe and fruitful foreign employment for those who want to go to foreign employment and those who are already in foreign employment. Likewise, Government should create the environment for investing the income & skills of returnee migrant workers.

During the program, Secretary General of SARTUC Mr. Laxman Bahadur Basnet said “until and unless labour sending countries couldn’t make common voice on labour migration it is not possible to make compelled to Golf Countries for labor-friendly laws and rules. He said Nepal government need to do more for decent foreign employment.

General Secretary Basnet said all 9 trade unions have common underrating on labor issues. Non-governmental organizations also need to be united. He further said that there should be healthy competition & collective voice to overcome migration issues.

In the program, Chairman of the National Network for Safe Immigration (NNSM), Mr. Kul Prasad Karki said that they were also working in a unified way to make foreign employment decent & fruitful. He recalled that cooperation is  not  only between the NGOs but also the joint trade union coordination center and network.He said that together with all concern organizations government, trade unions, NGOs, employers can achieve the goals of the Global Compact for Migration.
He expressed his commitment that the network is always ready to join hands with the JTUCC.
GEFONT General Secretary Cde.  Janak Chaudhary said that GEFONThas been working for almost three decades to secure rights of migrant workers.

He further said that with the cooperation of all active concern organization in the safe migration issue can improve the life of the workers & foreign employment can be decent.

In theprogram, Cde. Sunil Neupane, Nepal Coordinator of the MRA project, presented a presentation on MRA's digital platform, work done so far and about the  problems.

Participants of the program suggested how to improve it and the precautions to be taken.

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