​Former Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli has challenged the incumbent government to work as much as the latter government

KP Sharma Oli, the erstwhile Prime Minister, has challenged the incumbent government to work as much as the latter government. He argued that those afraid to face the public during the election are now deceiving the country.

During the Inaugural Session of the Ninth meeting of the National Congress delegated Council of the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union(GEFONT), KP Sharma Oli stated that the incumbent government has upped the ante to destabilize the structure built by the latter government. He was particularly enraged by some CPN-UML members who had wrecked the party by joining the opposition. He metaphorically stated, "Those eager to hoist the Palanquin(Wedding Doli) by placing the opposition(Nepali Congress) on it, have toppled a stable government and installed an unstable one. let's see where they(Doli lifter) may hurl Nepali Congress(Doli rider) while playing Narasimha(Traditional Musical Instrument)". And he urged the CPN-UML's members to move on with a strong sense of morale. 

He said: "Our movement has suffered a minor breakdown for some time" adding, "However, our movement will not be a setback". He reminds everyone that the CPN-UML is still the largest party in the house of Representatives, National Assembly, and Provinces. 


According to CPN-UML Chairman Oli, an election is the essence of democracy and he was surprised that some people termed it "regression". Since a general election is inevitable he believes the CPN-UML will get justice from the people. Moreover, he stated that people have watched and observed the construction development and reconstruction work carried out under his government's mandate and as a result, CPN-UML will again get a significant popular vote. 

He went on to say that some people are misrepresenting by reiterating the term "regression" and are circulating the rumor following the failure to compete with the government and party in the competition that represents the National interest, geographical integrity, and workers. He claimed that fragmenting an already united party to pursue one's own interest is a "regression".

He asserted that his government had been targeted because of its commitment to create an equitable society and its opponent's failure to compete. He said that some people initiated attacks from outside the ring, and when they failed, they launched attacks from inside the party. "With promises of power and money, corrupt acts were carried out within party, and certain people even joined forces with reactionaries, breaching all ethical and moral constraints", he added. 

Chairman Oli, in another context, claimed that Nepal's labor union movement is worth displaying to the rest of the world. He claimed that GEFONT's position in National and International forums is well-known and that he has personally witnessed it. He continued by stating that GEFONT's success is due to its responsible and successful role. "Given the remarkable changes in the workplace environment, the government's relationship with employees and employers has changed dramatically as compared to the past", he said. 

According to Oli, the Nepal labor movement has achieved tremendous progress in improving wages and eliminating wage disparities. He also advised people to be more active in order to achieve more.

He acknowledged that some individuals and groups still have resentment against labor unions, and recalled that the government under his leadership, strived to strengthen Nepal's tripartite ties. Given the importance of determining whether the party someone supports is committed to social justice and equality, he said the CPN-UML has always been committed to the welfare of the working class since its inception and continues to be committed to a safe workplace, decent work, and a living wage.

Bishnu Rimal, GEFONT Patron, and Binod Shrestha, GEFONT President, were also addressed at the event. Similarly, GEFOTN, Vice-President, Bidur Karki presented the upcoming work proposal, GEFONT Vice-President Gunaram Acharya presented the annual budget for the fiscal year 2078/79, and GEFONT General Secretary, Janak Chaudhary reviewed the concluded work of this year.
At last, the proposal and report were approved with some recommendations. 


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