​Former Prime Minister Oli Challenge to the current Government to show how much work the previous Government has done

Former Prime minister KP Sharma Oli has challenged the current Government to do the work as the previous Government. He also said that those who were afraid to go to the people through elections are confusing the country.
In the Inaugural Session of the ninth meeting of the National General Convention Representative Council of the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) , Former Prime minister Oli said that the current government tried to demolish the structure built by the previous government . He has expressed his indignation that some members of CPN had joined hands with the opposition to destroy the party saying that the opposition party in the parliament did not have our mandate. He urged the members of the CPN-UML to move forward with strong self-confidence. He urged the CPN-UML to re-establish itself as the first largest party in the House of Representative, National Assembly and majority states.

CPN-Chairman Oli said that the election was the essence of democracy and expressed surprise that some people called it regression. He said that he would have to go for a referendum at some point and expressed confidence that the CPN-UML would get justice from the people. He opined that CPN-UML would again get strong public opinion on the basis of the people’s understanding and experience of the work during the tenure of the government, development and reconstruction.

Stating that some people have spread propaganda calling it regression, he further added they could not be found in the competition with the government and party representing workers, national interest, and geographical integrity then they spread propaganda regression.

Former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that the CPN (UML) and the then government were attacked because they were trying to build a just society and oppositions unable to compete. He said that some of them attacked from outside the ring and when they failed, they attacked from inside the party. He said that some of them were involved in corrupt activities from within the party by showing them the temptation of position and money and some of them had joined hands with the reactionaries by breaking all the barriers of honesty and morality.

Speaking in another context, Chairman Oli said that Nepal's trade union movement was worth showing to the world. He said that GEFONT played a role in national and international forums and he had experienced it. Chairman Oli also said that GEFONT has achieved success by playing a responsible and successful role. Stating that the relationship between the government, workers and employers has changed a lot compared to the past, he said that there has been an extraordinary change in the workplace and working environment. According to Oli, the Nepalese labour movement has made significant achievements in favor of increasing wages and ending unequal wages.

He recalled that his government has worked for the betterment of tripartite relations in Nepal. He said it was important to see whether the party he believed in was in favor of social justice and equality. 

GEFONT Patron Cde.Bishnu Rimal, GEFONT president Cde.Binod Shrestha also addressed during the Representative Council meeting. Meanwhile GEONT Vice President Cde.Bidur Karki presented the proposal of upcoming work, GEFONT Vice President Cde. Gunaram Aacharya presented the annual budget for fiscal year 2078/79 and GEFONT Secretary General Cde.Janak Chaudhary presented the review of work done in this year. These proposals and reports have been passed with some suggestions.

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