GEFONT submitted suggestions to the CPN UML, Manifesto Drafting Committee regarding labor and employment

On behalf of General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) National Committee, has submitted the suggestion to the CPN UML manifesto drafting committee regarding labour and employment in the election manifesto of the House of Representatives and the provincial Assembly to be issues on behalf of the CPN UML in the General Election to be held on November 20.

In the suggestion submitted on September 6  by the delegation under the leadership of GEFONT President Binod Shrestha, the system of representation of workers in all public representative bodies, the formalization of informal labour relations through the effective implementation of labour audit system  are included.

Similarly, contribution based social security, terminate all kinds of discrimination and labour exploitation in the workplace according to the concept of decent work, turning skilled and skilled workers into self-employed gradually, forming labour councils, forming labour arbitration and establishing labor desks in each municipality and registering workers etc.
GEFONT has submitted suggestions to including issues in the manifesto like Guarantee of minimum employment to the unemployed collected through the local level, increase minimum wages, pay for trainers, voting from the workplace, coordination and cooperation with the municipality to clear out the issues of workers involved in street trade, legal system allowing them to conduct business in a specified place for a certain period of time, and re-structuring the labor administration.

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