GEFONT 8th National Congress begins, Inauguration amid grand ceremony

The General Federation of Nepalese trade union (GEFONT)’s 8th National congress has been inaugurated amid a grand ceremony. CPN-UML president and former Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli inaugurated the Congress at Sunrise Hall Godawari. There were more than five thousand participants in the opening ceremony.

Speaking as the chief guest at the opening ceremony, President Oli said that the labor movement of Nepal has always been connected with the progressive movement. He said that although there have been many ups and downs since the year 2003, the wires of purpose and destination have not been broken. He also praised the role played by the working class in establishing democracy in Nepal, when no other class was able to advance in an organized manner against the Rana Sasan.

Discussing in detail the international labor movement and the benefits obtained from it, former Prime Minister Oli warned that the capitalist class gets benefits only by bringing division among the workers. He said that history has also proved that a strong labor movement is necessary for this, saying that there will be no change by raising awareness in the capitalist class and bringing welfare sentiments. President Oli said that the leadership of GEFONT has always worked admirably and held the opinion that the struggle of the workers in Nepal has not been wasted.

He said that the government under his leadership is trying to protect the workers by implementing social security programs in Nepal. President Oli said that “we have guaranteed the safety of workers through the law and we want to guarantee decent work.”

President oli said that there is now a so-called alliance in Nepal and it has favored the elite class. He called upon all the workers of CPN UML and ordinary Nepalis to move forward with determination to fulfill the national aspirations of a prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali. He said there is already prosperity for the elite, but a prosperous Nepal is needed for the working class i.e demanding the minimum wages. Speaking that the CPN UML is always with the working class and he said that to move unitedly forward and wished to make success the 8th National congress.

Speaking on the occasion CPN UML organization in-charge Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal said that GEFONT has proven itself as a reliable organization in difficult times.

Dhakal expressed the view that CPN-UML has passed whether CPN UML can stand alone against the coalition through the last local election.  He will request to make CPN UML a number one party again in the next election.

He said that the current government is running under was seen during the preparation of the government’s budget. He said that this matter will be clear because the tax rates are decided not by the government’s representatives but by the industrialist’s representatives. He said that currently national politics divide into 2 factions and said that some people who call leftists themselves are walking as porters as rightists. He further says that they were serving in the Nepali Congress.

Speaking on the occasion, GEFONT President Binod Shrestha many of the works targeted to be done in the past four years have been completed. An increase in minimum wages and an increase in women’s membership work are progressed accordingly to the declared target. He said that currently, the country is suffering from the high price, which is difficult being workers for lives and he drew the attention of the government to ease the lives of the people by controlling the high price.

Labour Rights cannot protective without democracy says President Shrestha but now democracy is enslaved. He condemned the trend saying that it has worried the Nepali class.

In the inaugural ceremony, Madhav Neupane skilled organizer Award was presented to Thakur Kumar Shrestha. Likewise, Nuru Wangchu Sherpa Adventure Award was presented to Santosh Kumar Shah Teli, and Gangadevi memorial scholarship was provided to Sujita B.K daughter of Sujit B.K, and the Medicare treatment assistant was provided to Subi Phurkot.

On the occasion of the inaugural ceremony, both presidents of the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) and the Independent federation of trade union also signed the agreement regarding integration. The four-day national congress had elected new leadership. More than five hundred delegates from all over the country were participating in the National Congress.

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