GEFONT Marks World Day for Decent Work

Kathmandu, GEFONT has organized a program to mark World Day for Decent Work. At GEFONT regular trade union school on 7 Oct. 2020.The importance of the day and the work to be done by the unionist has discussed in the program.

President Shrestha said that the government, employers and unions should work together to create new jobs, adding that GEFONT has been making efforts for that. He furhter said that tens of millions of workers have lost their jobs in the world due to COVID 19 and millions of workers have become unemployed in Nepal.  we need to work hard to overcome the challenges posed by the epidemic. Stating that the epidemic has caused economic and social challanges. He has also highlighted that the mental stress of the workers has increased due to the epidemic and it is necessary to work to reduce it. 

Speaking on the occasion, Cde. Umesh Upadhyaya, Head of GEFONT Organizing Academy, said that World Day for Decent Work, which has been celebrated since 2008, is being celebrated for the thirteenth DWD this year. He has also informed that ITUC has taken forward WDDW theme“A New Social Contract for Recovery and Resilience” this year.
Cde. Upadhyay forther said, “There is a new challenge due to the epidemic of Covid 19 and a new social contract should be reached to overcome the challenge.”

In the In the context of Nepal reliable social security is needed to help the workers in difficult situations and added that there should be a social security program to help those who are losing their jobs and informal sector workers in Nepal would face more problems as they are not included in the social security program yet." the country was currently following the path of a prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalese, the government has adopted a similar policy for this but it will not be possible with one or two years of effort"Cde. Upadhyaya further said. 

On the occasion, GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Janak Chaudhary said that there are many common issues of workers in the world and decent work is one of them. He said GEFONT has always marked this day with high priority.

The slogan of decent work is a common issue of trade unions around the world. In this, there has been solidarity of all the organizations working for the rights of the workers.

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