GEFONT Karnali organizes Festival Greetings Exchange program

Surkhet, during the Festival Greeting Exchange Program organized by GEFONT, Karnali Province Committee Speakers of the program said that the role played by GEFONT for Social justice is worthwhile; activist of various fields has been suggested for continuation.

Chief Guest of the program, Mr.  Jayaprasad Acharya, branch chief of the Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Employment said that without the co-operation and coordination of the working class, the transformation of society would be incomplete Saying that, we have moved forward by cooperating in building a non-discriminatory society in coming days.

GEFONT, Karnali Province president Cde.  Tej prakash GC said most of industries workers were working without  appointment letter and labor agreement even in   Birendranagar, the capital of Karnali Province. He further said “Trade Unions will pressure to the concerned bodies to resolve problem immediately.” Cde. GC further urged for immediate implementation of Labour Law 2075 and strategies specified by the 10 policies.

The participants of the program exchanged festival greetings, the cards were distributed with the message “Oppose labor exploitation; celebrate the Dashain & Tihal with joy ".

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