Workers and employees are protesting in Kantipur

Kantipur United Struggle Committee organized a program on 28th June 2080 at Kantipur Publications. The joint struggle committee of the workers and employees belonging to four unions, including Impression Nepal, protested with 7 different demands before the manager of Kantipur Publications.

In the event, Impression Nepal's President Balgopal Thapa underscored that all employees and workers here should have their rights, privileges, and benefits as per the Journalist Law. He stressed that if these rights aren't upheld as mandated by law, we possess the capability to hold management accountable and enforce them. Balgopal Thapa affirmed Impression Nepal's commitment to supporting such actions for ensuring rightful rights and benefits for employees.

The Kantipur Struggle Committee has included the following 7 demands - the full enactment of the Journalist Law and the complete dissemination of the Honorable Supreme Court's verdict, ensuring provisions for severance pay as per the Journalist Law upon resignation, compensation arrangement in case of employee layoffs as per the Journalist Law and regulations, provision for home leave and sabbatical leave, establishment of a welfare fund, and inclusion in the social security fund right from the initiation of service, among others.

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