GEFONT models for protecting migrant workers praises

Kathmandu, GEFONT Model of organizing migrant workers connect them with destination countries union to protect their rights   in destination   has been discussed in Delhi.

In the program organized by ILO in New Delhi, India, GEFONT Vice President and Head of the Department of foreign  Affairs Cde.  Ramesh Badal, informed about the GEFONT effort in destination on migration to trade unions of India. He expressed the views about the work done by trade unions on safe migration and its impact on the labor sector.

Vice President Badal informed that GEFONT has sing bilateral memorandum of understanding with destination countries trade unions, formation of GEFONT support groups and mobilizing. He has also informed that the country where there are no union rights   GEFONT has been working through other mechanisms.He also highlighted the role GEFONT has played for Nepal government bilateral agreement with different countries to protect Nepali migrant workers.

During the program, SARTUC General Secretary Mr. Laxman Basnet spoke about the achievements made through social dialogue.

Mr. Chandra Shekharan, leader of the Indian Trade Union Congress and ILO governing body has appreciated GEFONT's work and said that GEFONT model was established in labor migration and Indian trade unions should learn from it and apply it in their context.

The leaders of 11 trade union Confederations of India have participated in the program, including the heads of ILO Delhi, Deputy Chiefs, Employers and representatives of the Global Union Federation.

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