GEFONT Forms 7 Provincial Committees and Assign Coordinators

GEFONT 87th National Executive Committee Meeting has formed 7 Provincial Committees according to the proposed Federal Structures and Coordinators for each Provincial Committees have been assigned.

According to the GEFONT amended Statute, GEFONT Zonal Committees are replaced by Provincial Committees and in each Province, one GEFONT Provincial Committee will be formed. Therefore, GEFONT has formed Provincial Commitee untill GEFONT organise Provincial Commitee Convention.

Secretary, Deepak Paudel has been assigned as Coordinator of Province No. 1, Deputy Secretary General, Manju Thapa- Coordinator of Province No. 2, Deputy Secretary General, Janak Chaudhary - Coordinator of Province No. 3, Women Committee Vice President, Goma Acharya- Coordinator of Province No. 4, Vice President, Madhu Sudan Khatiwada - Coordinator of Province No. 5, Secretary, Kamal Gautam- - Coordinator of Province No. 6 and Vice President, Hari Datta Joshi - Coordinator of Province No. 7. In Each Provincial Committee there will be maximum 21 with NEC Members from particular Provinces, Zonal Committee Dignitaries and President of Union.

One third women participation in each Provincial Committee has been guaranteed. Each Provincial Commitee  will coordinate activities of Districts or Local Level and Local Unions under each Province.

Likewise, Meeting has also changed some old structures. Dignitaries & Secretariat two structures have been merged into Central Office, which include National Executive Committee President to Secretary and it will be lead by President Bishnu Rimal. In addition, Central office Administration Team has been formed which will be directed by Secretary General Bishnu Lamsal. And team Members are  Deputy Secretary Jitendra Jonchhee and Secretaries Ramesh Badal, Jitendra Shrestha, Gunaram Acharya & Beli Maya Ghale.

Similarly, former 3 members Disaster Management Team has been extended to 15 members Team & it will be coordinated by Uddav K.C. Meeting has also formed 8 members Organising Academy Operational Team which will be lead by Vice President Bidur Karki.  

GEFONT 87th National Executive Committee Meeting has demanded to adopt the Labour Bill and Social Security Bill tabled in the Parliament according to the Constitution, JTUCC & FNCCI agreement and GEFONT recommendations. Likewise, GEFONT  has also demanded to guarantee the workers representatives from local to central constitutional bodies. GEFONT further urged the Nepal Government,  Election Commission,  Parliament and Political parties to conduct each level election by 20 January, 2017.

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