​The Trade Union Movement of Nepal has gain remarkable achievement: PM Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said “the trade union movement of Nepal has gained remarkable achievement to demonstrate all over the World.” Prime Minister Oli and Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) expressed that Nepali Trade Unions have played vital role in transformation.

Speaking in the Leading Activist Training Programme organised by GEFONT and ANTUF Unity Coordination Committee in Kathmandu, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the workers must have decent life. He expected that the new merged Confederation will play more responsibilities in favor of workers and  wished for smooth unity among two Trade Unions.

Speaking in the Programme, Prime Minister Oli pointed that workers must be guaranteed with wage, allowance, protection, and social security and there should be special arrangements for the disabled person who cannot work. And he assured that the current Government is in favour of working class.

Speaking on migrant workers issue, PM said that” Nepal government will control unethical issues and Government will initiate to send workers by singing MOU between the government of sending and receiving countries.” 

Talking on political issue, Prime Minister Oli said that “Integration between two Communist Parties will be a millstone for development although few people are against unity and trying to divide us.”

Prime Minister Oli also criticised the opposition parties’ activities against the Government.  He assured that government is serious on the issue of road and development, which will be completed within few years.

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