UNNITRAV National Congress 26-27 Feb 2022 @ Kathmandu

Trekking workers are those engaged in hard works as porters and guides to trekkers, climbers and submitters. No regime in the past honoured the contribution of these dedicated trekking workers. The Trekking Workers Association of Nepal was founded in April 1983 as the only federation of its kind in the country.

The Union of Trekking Travels, Rafting and Airlines Workers - Nepal is a new name after restructuring TWAN. It has been restructured in accordance with the GEFONT policy of line-industry Federation Campaign. TWAN had convened its first national conference in underground existence in 1984 during the period of autocratic regime. Now the Union has covered the entire mass of workers from travels and rafting sector along with the large number of trekking & mountaineering workers. The UNITRAV is another affiliate of Global Union Federation- the IUF.

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