GEFONT urges for effective contribution based social security program

Kathmandu, GEFONT has called for effective implementation of a contribution-based social security program. GEFONT has made it clear to not to turn back from the program.

The program has been implemented in a tripartite consensus after almost two decades of effort and it’s natural to have some confusion when a new program is launched. At a press conference organized by GEFONT, GEFONT President Cde. Binod Shrestha urged all concerned bodies to move forward in order to break the illusion spread about the program.
He has questioned that whether those presently opposed to the Social Security Scheme, who wanted to continue labor exploitation without abiding by the Labor Act and Rules, who did not provide minimum facilities and always wanted to keep the labor market confused.

Those who use the amount deducted from the workers' wage every month in the form of provident funds and social security funds without any interest, they could have been opposed to the Social Security scheme so he has urged workers not to be confused about this. GEFONT has demanded for investigate property of some employers and alleged intellectuals, saying they are misleading the public about contribution-based social security programs. GEFONT has called on the government to immediately start investigating those involved in such propaganda and bring it under the purview of property investigation.

Speaking at a press conference, President Shrestha warned that they were still in favor of consensus and would go to protest if necessary. He said that in the situation of changing of Labor Minister, the rumor that went on was taken as an opportunity for spreading instability like in the unstable government time but it would not succeed now. The employer’s assertion that the workers themselves are not considered to be listed is not true, president Shrestha challenged to show the example of one of the workers who is organized in the trade unions.

He further said that it was just a rumor spread by employer who did not want to be listed on a contribution based Social Security Fund. GEFONT says the amount of contribution based Social Security can’t be spent except on facilities and management under the Social Security Plan. Those who wanted to make the fund unsuccessful spread the rumor that the money deposited in the fund could be misused. GEFONT is in favor of not being taxed in contributions fund. Saying that GEFONT has also demanded the government to provide tax relief provision for the employers who wants to register in social Security fund and penalize the employers who denied to register in contribution-based social security schemes. Meanwhile, GEFONT has urged the government to begin its preparation of reviewed the wage in coming year 2077 according to the legal provision of every two years. GEFONT has demanded the government to create a minimum wage fixation committee and start the process of reviewing minimum wage before 2077.

While determining wage, GEFONT said that the basic wage amounted to 80 percent of the total wage and GEFONT has demanded that the entire amount raised during the next year's wage be increased only in the basic salary. Saying that social security issues would not be excluded.

Similarly, GEFONT has urged employers to prepare labor audit reports and submit them to the concerned body. President shrestha has also announced that GEFONT will launch a campaign in parallel for the actual status of the Labor Act and publish in Coming May Day. GEFONT has emphasized on the development of good labor relations and the implementation of labor law for a better work environment and reminded that in the Labor Act, to strengthen industrial labor relations.

Employers have to conduct labor audits and submit reports to labor offices. Likewise, GEFONT has demanded the effective implementation of the recent arrangements made by the government to make foreign employment safe, organized and dignified. GEFONT has urged all concerned bodies not to oppose to the preceding agreements. The agreements that have been made over the years, avoiding them in any reason, are not acceptable.

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