GEFONT conducts High-level policy conference

Kathmandu, GEFONT President Cde. Binod Shrestha said that GEFONT is keen on completing the unity work between GEFONT and ANTUF. Saying that different level of discussions are taking place for this & preparing for meaningful unity.

Addressing the closing remarks at the high-level policy conference, president Shrestha said that the social security program was implemented after GEFONT's long-term contribution so that GEFONT leaders & cadres must play significant role in making the success of a social security program.He said that GEFONT has done many program to raise awareness about contribution-based social security. President Shrestha said that some employers are trying to spread confusion about contribution-based social security programs.

He also called on all the workers to participate in the program to be held in the capital on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the contribution-based social security program announced on 27 November. He also directed to organize events through joint trade union coordination center and GEFONT at the province level. President Shrestha said that a second level leadership should be developed. Stressing on the need to follow the policy, president Shrestha said that if there is any Disagreement it should keep within the structure of the organization.

Speaking in the political context, President Shrestha said that instead of demanding certain quotas, the workers should be competing for more representatives and adopts strategies to reach the leadership level.

Speaking about contemporary trade union movement and labor education at the policy conference, Cde. Binda Pandey, President of the GEFONT Trade Union Policy Institute, highlighted the need of labor issues in different levels of education in Nepal. She informed that Tribhuvan University is about to introduce postgraduate level teaching on labor studies from this academic session. She informed about the practice of university-level labor education in other countries of the world and the initiatives taken in Nepal.

The preparation of the syllabus for this have been completed. MP Pandey said that the of labor studies at the university level would help to change the social attitude towards labor. Speaking about the upcoming work plan of the trade union at the conference, Cde. Umesh Upadhyay, head of the GEFONT Organizing Academy, said that there are three different ways to look at it, He said that the trade union should be concentrated as it is the main focus of organizing and implementation of policy in local level .

Likewise, more than 60 percent of the policies are still being made by the Center and there is a responsibility of expanding the role of the international sector and making it more effective, he said.Training and formal labor education, research analysis, campaign materials, archiving and publication, He further clear the way forward. Cde. Upadhyay informed about three different work plan including political work plan, economic work plan and social work based on national obligation.

At the conference, Executive Director of the Social Security Fund Mr. Kapilamani Gyawali informed about the purpose of setting up the fund, for the contribution it has to make and the benefits it will receive. Stating that the role played by the trade union for the contribution-based social security program was important, he said the fund had planned to operate smart offices in all seven provinces to make its work more effectively.

On the occasion, President of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Chairman of the Employer's Council and Mr. Chandra Dhakal said the Social Security Act based on labor act and contribution came and employers are committed to implement it. He said employers were not against it, some practical issues had to be adjusted. He said the investment environment in Nepal was improving and economic development is good, adding that technical issues not included in the contribution -based social security program need to be consolidated in a tripartite agreement. GEFONT representatives across the country participated in the two-day high-level policy conference.

On the first day of the conference, foreign Minister Cde. Pradeep Gyawali spoke on Nepal's international relations and labor diplomacy, Finance Minister Dr. Yuvraj Khatiwada, spoke about Socialist Economy, Labor, Employment and Social Security Minister Cde. Gokarna Bista, spoke about the government's plan for creating jobs and improving the labor market.

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