JTUCC demands to Withdraw Industrial Enterprise Act

JTUCC has demanded to withdraw the Industrial Enterprise Act, adopted by the Parliament on 29 Sept 2016. Releasing the Press Communiqué, JTUCC President Khila Nath Dahal said that "Recently adopted Industrial Enterprise Act has seized the rights of workers which is against the ILO Convention 87 (Freedom of Association) & 98 (Collective Bargaining)."

Press Communiqué reads "Industrial Enterprise Act is not acceptable as it has been adopted without consultation with Trade Unions and has provision of 'No Work, No Pay' & banned strike in the Industry. It will also overshadow the Labour Law Bill & Social Security Bill which is under discussion in the Parliament."

JTUCC has urged to consider the agreement made between Employers, Government & Trade Unions earlier. Otherwise, JTUCC has  warned to go on protest nationally and also to file case in International Forum.

Meanwhile, GEFONT has also started Campaign against the Industrial Enterprise Act which is against the Workers Rights.

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