GEFONT Meet DCM of Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Nepal

May 19- GEFONT Delegates had met Mr. Adnan Ali Alhumaidi, DCM of Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Nepal and discussed on Nepali Migrants workers issues in Saudi Arabia.

During the Meeting, GEFONT Foreign Department Secretary Ramesh Badal discussed on major issues of Nepali Migrant workers including  protection of wage and facilities, employment change in case of retrenchment during employment contract period, process to bring back dead bodies.

During the meeting, Mr. Alhumaidi assured  for cooperation on discussed issues. He also informed the Saudi Arabia Employers have been providing free visa,  ticket and  other costs to Nepali Employment Agency and workers do not need to pay any fee to go Saudi Arabia.

GEFONT Foreign Department Member Surya Kunwar & Migrant Desk Chief Nisha Baniya attended  the meeting.

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