GEFONT President Shrestha Addresses the 111th International Labour Conference

The president of the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) and Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JTUCC) Binod Shrestha addressing the 111th General Assembly of the International Labour Organization (ILO) on June 29, acknowledge the ILO's crucial role in advancing social justice through dignified work, social protection, social dialogue and International labour standards.
As per the report of the Director General, President Shrestha stressed the importance of providing social security to all workers, citing the unfortunate exploitation of trainees who did not receive compensation for their labour, He also criticized the right-wing government for budget cuts affecting workers.

President Shrestha expressed that even though social security has been extended to informal, self-employed and sick workers abroad, the government has not paid attention to the implementation of the scheme and the saying that Supreme Court has ruled that the contribution-based Social Security system will be voluntary in the banks and the financial sectors and said that Nepalese trade unions are fighting for a social security system that covers all workers.

Similarly, President Shrestha urges cooperation between ILO and the Nepalese government to ensure social security and climate justice for all workers, as Nepal faces the impacts of global warming, affecting employment opportunities. He emphasizes the need to bridge the gap between rich and poor countries and work towards removing inequalities.

President Shrestha highlighted the importance of social dialogue for achieving social justice. He criticized the government for appointing fake union leaders as workers' representatives in various tripartite forums. This 30-year-long battle has led to a significant victory for labourers in the hotel, restaurant, catering, and tourism sectors, as the Supreme Court's decision resulted in a 10% reduction in service charges paid by these workers.

President Shrestha demands the government safeguard the rights of exploited Nepali migrant workers through bilateral agreements aligned with ILO principles. He urges immediate action to address their issues and opposes raising toll and ticket fees without strong trade union acceptance, emphasizing adherence to ILO principles.

President Shrestha supports the report of the ILO Director-General to advance social justice and calls for collaboration among the government, employers, and trade unions to protect the rights and interests of all workers and build a just society. He urges everyone to work together for a bright future for all labourers and the construction of a socially just society.

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