​Central Union of Painters, Plumbers, Electro and Construction Workers-Nepal (CUPPEC-Nepal) Foundation day

CUPPEC- Nepal is a national federation of the workers of construction sector. It was launched in May 31, 1997 by unifying four different federations in construction sector- Nepal independents electricity workers' union, Nepal independent Painters' union, Independent plumbers' union and Nepal independent Construction workers' union.
The union organises the masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, house painters, hoarding board and sign board makers, workers in marbles and chips factories, constructing bridges, roads, canals, buildings, hydropower, furnace, gardens, mines, wood works etc.

This is the second largest sector after Agriculture in Nepal. This federation has been expanded upto 52 districts of 13 zones of the country.

It has been affiliated with GEFONT since 2000 and it has been globally affiliated with one of the Global Union Federations- BWI.

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