No one can disrupts Social Security Program; President Shrestha

Kathmandu, GEFONT president Cde. Binod Shrestha said no one can disrupt Contribution based social Security Program. He warned that no one was allowed to misinterpret about the program.

Speaking at a program organized by GEFONT, in Kathmandu, president Shrestha said that the program which has been launched with tripartite agreement. Couldn’t be changed even if the ministerial reshuffle.

He said the social security program was not received by anyone’s grace. Workers had to fight for a longtime for it. 

He further said if the employers were going to make it unsuccessful, then trade unions too would not recognize, hire and fire provision of labor law. He urged the consent document should proceed with the consent. “People has been presenting in that way as if all the arrangements would be abolished by the changing the minister” he said. There has been an attempt to spread the illusion about contribution based social security program through various media, He also urged everyone not to fall into the illusion.  

Speaking at the program organized on the occasion of the International migrant Workers’ Day, president Shrestha said that extension of contribution based social security program should also include migrant workers; he further added that arrangements should be made to pay pensions to migrant workers in future.

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