Discussion with stakeholders on Migrant Recruitment Advisor (MRA)

Kathmandu, GEFONT has organized a discussion program on Migrant Recruitment Advisor (MRA) with the representatives of stakeholders. To make migration dignified and safe, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has been operating Migrant Recruitment Advisors in collaboration with trade unions of different countries.

Speaking at the discussion, Mr. Rajan Prasad Shrestha, Executive Director of the Foreign Employment Board, said that, migration has both side an opportunity as well as challenge. He said "it is a challenging task to identify between genuine and fake recruiting agencies   (manpower company).However, it is an important task so that it could be helpful for pre-departure orientation training. He further said that DOFE  is ready to cooperate for it.

Executive Director Shrestha said that it would be appropriate to classify the countries where Nepali workers go for employment on the basis of their labor laws. He also urged the trade unions to play a role in the social security of Nepali migrant workers.

He further informed that Malaysia has started involving foreign workers in the Social Security Program (SOSCO) and so far 125,000 Nepali workers have participated in it. In SOSCO program only the employers have to pay the amount and the workers can get good benefits from it.

Executive Director Shrestha expressed the view that the number of workers returning to Nepal due to the epidemic of Covid 19 would be large but after some time it would return to the old rhythm. He also said that there was some lacking in effective coordination among the various responsible bodies to repatriate Nepali workers stranded abroad.

Speaking on the occasion, GEFONT President Cde.   Binod Shrestha said that GEFONT believes in cooperation and can be achieved more through cooperation.President Shrestha recalled the GEFONT initiative on migration in different destination countries has been carried out in a systematic manner.He has also highlighted the GEFONT modality of organizing in destination countries; Organize Nepali migrant workers in destination countries, Contact the local  trade unions ,  Get membership of the trade unions in contact,  Pay membership dues as per the associated trade union &  Request them to resolve the problems you face at workplace.

President Shrestha said that where there is a problem, there is a solution, there is no alternative to move forward together to protect the rights of migrant workers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashok Rana, Chairman of the National Network for Safe Immigration (NNSM), said that a concerted effort needed not only to find the problem but also to solve it. He said that all the concerned bodies should unite in favor of the migrant workers.

In the program GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Janak Chaudhari informed that GEFONT ITUC cooperation on Migration MRA program has been running since 2014 and discussions have been organized with various parties to make it more effective Cde. Sunil Neupane, Nepal Coordinator of Migrant Recruitment Advisor presented the program, work done so far, achievements and future plans.

On the occasion, participants from People's Forum Pravasi Nepali Coordinating Committee, ANTUF, NTUC & GEFONT has put their views.



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