Challenge for us is to implement the rights secured by Constitution effectively : Prez Rimal

April 2-  Speaking in the Bank, Finance & Cooperatives Sector employees' Union launch Program, GEFONT President as well as Chief Advisor of PM-  Bishnu Rimal said" Some Agencies has been spreading negative things about the  Constitution of Nepal but our Constitution is best in the World. The only challenge for us is to implement the rights secured by Constitution effectively."  Though Nepal is small geographically but it has been never under the control of anyone, therefore we will not tolerate any negative perspective towards our Independent Country. Neighbours can be friends if not then they should be silent on internal Affairs of each other" he added.

During his speech he informed that due to the Former Government agreement with Donor Organisations, many formal processes need to be complete which make delay to provide relief fund to make Shelter for Earthquake Victims. So only by April last we will be in position to provide fund to them.

He further informed that National Budget need to be prepare by May and urged participants to give their recommendations for issues to be incorporate in Budget as well as in Policy & Plan. He also ensured that Social Security Act and Labour Act will be adopted soon.

GEFONT has been working with the theme " Transformation by building workers power." To end the gap between the Rich and Poor GEFONT has been actively working and has bring different unions together in one platform.

Concluding the remarks, He extended best wishes to the newly formed Union and encouraged to expand the union as well as actively work to solve the workers problems. He suggested that in contemporary situation; change in organising strategy is needed for which capacity development of unionist is utmost to coordinate with Management. And GEFONT will coordinate for capacity development of unionist & members.

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