GEFONT organise Interaction Program on Foreign Employment Act & Domestic Workers

GEFONT has organised the Interaction Program with Members of Parliament, Various Trade Unions representatives & domestic workers on Foreign Employment Act which is in amendment process & Domestic Workers issues. During the program GEFONT Deputy Secretary General, presented paper on labour relation of Domestic Work & future Issues. And GEFONT Migrant Desk In charge & Advocate Nisha Baniya presented about amendment needed in Labour Act & Foreign Employment Act. And participants gave recommendations to be included in amended  Foreign Employment Act.

Speaking in the program, Parliament International Relation & Labour Committee, Chairman Prabhu Shah said "to make pro workers Act we need to actively exercise now. Remote Areas people were mostly deceived, and our committee is aware on this matter".  He also urged everyone to work carefully to address the problems. Member of Parliament, Binod Shrestha emphasised on lobbying for Free Visa & Free Ticketing. Likewise, MP Chudamani Jangali added that some practical challenges need to be resolve for Free Visa & Free Ticketing.

Speaking in the program, Acting President of GEFONT, Haridatta Joshi has drawn attention of the Government to set minimum rules before sending in the foreign employment.  And GEFONT Secretary General, Bishnu Lamsal assured that suggestions made by participants will be incorporated in GEFONT recommendations for amendment of the the foreign employment Act. He informed that JTUCC 9 points recommendations has been included in the Government Plan & Policy, therefore we can achieve our agenda through peaceful lobbying.

During the program, GEFONT Policy Institute Director, Umesh Upadhyaya said "Constitution has included many issues but a representation issue remained behind. So Trade Union should be active & JTUCC need to organise pressure campaign as Joint initiation needed to make political parties responsible on labour issues."

Bharati Sharma from ILO expressed serious concerned that there is no workers representation in Foreign Employment Act Amendment process. Domestic workers problems are severe and need to register the Domestic workers & should set the minimum wage for Domestic workers.

Likewise, JTUCC General Secretary Indradev Misra said tjhat sensitively Trade Union should alert the Government otherwise workers will face huge loss.

During the program Representatives from Trade Union Congress, ANTUF, National Network for safe migration Nepal etc presented their views.

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