Next tenure's mobilisation: GEFONT's rejuvenation (2022-2026)

Two types of work should be completed within the next four-year tenure. First, address the rights and interest of the working class and our members in a way that they feel it, and second, rejuvenate GEFONT through these works.

Addressing the rights and interests of working class means giving them assurance of 3 Guarantees: return (reasonable income), sustainability (continuity of work) and security (savings for the future). For this, following campaigns have been proposed:

1. Work and fair wage: Continuity of work and sustainable democratic workplace

2. Wages for interns campaign

These days, students of various colleges are provided with internships at hotels, chain restaurants and marts charging them certain fees. Where no fee is charged, even there, they are made to work for 6-8 hours for free. This is not justice. It instead is the exploitation of young workers. The Labour Act has provisioned suitable wages for interns or trainees. Here we do not have to raise the issue of the eight-hour working day. Let it be just an incentive cost for them. If we start the ‘wages for interns’ campaign with the help of the municipality and the labour administration following the provision of the Labour Act, it will be possible for us to expand the union in new areas.

3. Towards local: Formlise the informal

Along with the Prime Minister Employment Programme, employment service centres have been established in all municipalities. There are also employees and the employment service centres have their relations with the Ministry of Social Development at province level. Prime Minister Employment Programme can be presented in numbers as below:

Building on this progress, we have to speed up our work for labour registration. The purpose of the registration should be to expedite the campaign to bring those who are wage-employment and self-employment under the social security. In this way, we can implement the concept of 'all labour formal - all workers regular employees' as envisioned by the Labour Act 2017.

4. From low to middle income: Journey towards affluence

A slogan – Poor sweats, rich seizes (in Madhes it is called 'Kamae lagauntiwala, Khae dhotiwala' – poor earns, rich reaps!)' is relevant even today. We should launch a 'Say No to It' campaign. Our report has been saying since the Seventh Congress that the class of the working class should be uplifted to the middle class. Now the time has come to put this slogan to practice. This should be one of the strategies to prepare the basis for socialism. We have to emphasise on two types of work for this:

5. Our future, social protection: Collabaration, contribution and participation

Currently, there are four types of contribution-based social security schemes in implementation through the Social Security Fund:

The current status of the Social Security Fund is as follows:

Now both the wage-employed and the self-employed workers should be included in the contribution based social security. It seems that about 5,000 workers are being registered in the Fund per month. At least 20 lakhs workers including those in foreign employment, and all kinds of wage-employment and self-employment can be listed as contributors to the Social Security Fund in the next four years. Therefore, the aim of our campaign should be - target the two million.

6. Study, research and analysis: Trade union school and mobilisation

7. Unity in diversity: Harmonious relation in trade union and solidarity

8. Beyond the border campaign: Organisation and achievement

9. Young generation (Y-Gen): Youth in union campaign

10. Women and gender equaltiy (We-Gen) programme

11. Engagement in issues of public concerns

Programmes and Activities

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