Sagarnath Forest Project Sit-In Ends with Working Group Formation

Government Ready to Address Demands of Sagar Nath Forest Development Project Workers Engaged in Protest Since July 25. Labour Strike Program Concludes with Formation of Team Alongside Government's Commitment for Resolution.

As per the decision  of the problem resolution committee made by Ministry of Forests and Environment  on August 2 decided to submit a report to the ministry of forestry to manage the remaining salary of workers for 11 month until August 6 and to implement the verdict  of the supreme court regarding  the wages earners workers the social security.

The Sagarnath Forest Project was established in 2033 B.S. in Madesh Province  Sarlahi District Ishwarpur Municipality Ward No. 4 under the oversight of the forest product Development Committee of the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forestry and Environment.

Even after the consensus reached on April 19 2023, in the presence of office of the District Administration Office, Sarlahi, regarding the demand for minimum wages and facilities as per the Labour Act made by laborers who had worked diligently for 30 to 35 years in this project, the project did not implement the agreements. In light of this, the workers sought justice as per the law. They sent petitions to the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Ministry of Forests and Environment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Forest Nursery Development Committee, and issued a public statement against the Sagar Nath Forest Development Project.

Even the Supreme Court has issued mandamus on 24th May 2023 to provide wages and facilities to the workers despite the project did not comply with the Supreme Court's mandate, the workers were staging a sit-in at the Forest Department office in Kathmandu from July 9, demanding wages and job security for the past 11 months.



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