​Kishor Dhamala was elected as the president of GEFONT province 1

The first congress of GEFONT province 1 was held in Biratnagar on 28, May, elected a 21-member committee under the presidency of Kishor Dhamala.

GEFONT President Binod Shrestha inaugurated the congress as a chief guest, saying that GEFONT has entered the digital era and he said that the issues in renewing cards and membership are solved now.

Informing that the 8th National Congress of GEFONT is going to be held in July, he said that the membership of the union should be renewed and the new member should be extended by mid-June.

Giving instructions to coordinate activities connecting with affiliate unions and federations, he emphasized the need to ensure representation in all sectors on the basis of class for the prosperity of the workers and solution of the problems of workers.

Expressing congratulation and best wishes to the elected representatives of the CPN UML in the local election held on April 13, he thanked the workers for giving the opportunity to CPN UML.  

Likewise, the province president of CPN UML Tulasi Neupane wished success to the convention, saying that GEFONT is the organized organization affiliate to CPN UML. that the workers have been represented in the local level elections and the party has been represented. 

On the occasion, Narayan Babu Karki province president of Nepal Trade Union Congress said that GEFONT and Trade Union Congress have been working together to work out the common issues of workers.

The congress is held under the presidency of Kishor dhamala and anchored by Ambir Lingden. In the inaugural session, Santa Kumar Rai remarks the welcome speech, and Subodh Koirala and Sanjog Shrestha had made remarks wished about the success of the congress.

At the Event, more than 50 members unified socialist trade union of Agriculture left the organization and joined GEFONT. They were welcomed by President Binod Shrestha including guests as well.

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