Nepal Government sensitive towards Labour Issues

Nepal Government has shown positive move to address the labour issues raised by Trade Unions by including it in the Government Policy & Programmes for fiscal year 2016/17.On April 29, 2016 JTUCC had submitted 21 points recommendations to the Finance Minister  and appealed to incorporate it in upcoming Budget. And now major 9 issues are covered by the Government Policy &  Programmes.

Government Policy & programmes has announced to adopt Labour law bill & Social security bill by Parliament and will start contribution based social security program from this fiscal year. It has also announced   to review the current Provident Fund & Gratuity System & will make provision of Pension system to all workers/Employees' who have complete 60 years. And Mentioned to make  compulsory accident Insurance for the workers in Industrial, Tourism, Transport, Construction sectors etc.

Government Policy & programmes  has  announced provision to establish at least one labour office in each Federal state and will implement labour inspection system. And at policy level  will initiate to make Economic- Social mechanism in the Parliament.

Likewise, announced for  systematic  management of  the foreign employment & will  make it decent. Encourage the Remittance to invest in infrastructure & other development work within the country. And also plans to provide skill test & Certificate to the workers who returned  from the foreign employment & encourage them to involve in the internal labour market.

Government Policy & programmes has also announced to make key  plan to eliminate the child labour.

Incorporating these issues in the Government Policy & programmes, current Government has revealed serious concerns towards labour issues raised by Trade unions to be addressed by upcoming budget .

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