Self-employed workers were deprived of their livelihood during Festive.

The Nepal Street Vendors Union Bagmati Province Committee submitted the memorandum 7 points demand, saying that the Kathmandu Metropolitan City is trying to forcefully and abruptly close down the businesses on the eve of the festival. Thousands of self-employed workers gathered in Sundhara on September 15  and reached the office of the Metropolitan Municipality through Ratna Park, Bhadrakali Shahidgate, demanding proper management of the profession of self-employed workers.

After the absence of Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Balen Shah, Self-employed workers picketed at the gate of the metropolis and the representatives of the union submitted a memorandum to the Chief of Administration of the Metropolitan Municipality.

In the memorandum submitted to the metropolis with demands such as, Civil Market should be built at every ward level, the market should be operated in the evening by fixing a certain time until dis managed the civil market, Confiscated goods should be returned, and the Labour desk should be established and workers should be registered, For long-term management, there are demands to form an all-party working group including stakeholders including the Nepal Self-Employment Business Workers Union.

In the memorandum, the union is also demanding that a fixed time of dawn and dusk should be set for short-term days until the great festival of the Nepali people. Around two lakhs of dependent families are facing problems with those workers and the association has also requested the Metropolitan Corporation to solve the problem seriously.

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