Labour News Weekly Update ( 24-30 Sept 2016)

Labour Bill and Social Security Bill forwarded to Legislative Committee for discussion
The meeting of the Legislature-Parliament on 25 Sep 2016 has unanimously passed the proposals on Labor Bill and Social Security Bill to send them to the concerned committees for clause-wise discussions.

Minister for Labour and Employment, Suryaman Gurung who tabled the proposal in the parliament will be further discussed along with the recommended issues in the legislative Committee. After discussion, it will be send back to the Parliament. As soon as the   Parliament adopted the bill, it will be imposed as law after it receives verification from the President.

These most awaited Acts have been finalised by the Labour & Employment Ministry during the CPN -UML Lead Government

Complicated Labour Dispute ended
Labour Dispute in Nepal Board has been finally ended. Factory was closed since 2070 without providing any facilities to the workers.  Now Agreement has been made to provide different facilities i.e Dashain Festival Allowance, Gratuity till July 2014, Insurance amount till July 2016 and Pension till July 2016 with interest.

In addition, agreement was also made to provide NRs. 85 hundred thousand to around 150 workers of the Factory and regulation has been already made to distribute. According to which 41 thousand will be provided to each worker who work for 5 years, 51 thousand will be provided to the worker who work for 12 years and 61 thousand will be provided to each worker who work for 12 years.

Workers on Protest
Workers in Nepal Cylinder Company Pvt. Ltd are on protest. More than 100 workers are working in the Company. They have demanded for Dashain Allowance, Bonus, Medical Treatment Allowance and Wage of September month and given ultimatum to fulfill their demands.

Bill on Vehicle and Transport Management Passed
Kathmandu, Sept 25: The meeting of the Legislature-Parliament on Sunday unanimously passed the ’Bill on Vehicle and Transport Management (2nd Amendment)-2072’.

The parliament approved the bill after clause-wise discussion. Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Ramesh Lekhak, had presented the bill in the House. The Bill will be implemented as Act after Verification from the President.

Industrial Enterprise Bill Endorsed
On 29 September 2016, The Parliament endorsed the much-awaited Industrial Enterprise Bill enforcing the provision of ‘No Work, No Pay’ in the industrial sector of the country.

Enforcement of the bill means that industry labourers will be paid only for their work time. Discouraging any act of protest and strike in industries, the bill says that labourers will not be paid for the time they are involved in activities that hamper regular production by the concerned business.

The Industrial Enterprise Bill has mentioned that if labourers are unable to work due to some genuine reasons, a tripartite meeting of the industry owner, labourers and government shall settle the issue.

Similarly, aiming to encourage investors and industrialists, the bill has stated that none of the private industries will be nationalised by the government.

Likewise, the bill, for the first time, has mentioned corporate social responsibility (CSR) of industries. As per a provision in the bill, industries with annual turnover of Rs 150 million or more will have to separate one per cent of its profit for CSR activities.

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