Everyone must obey the law, Must participate in Social Security: Deputy Prime Minister Pokhrel

Kathmandu, Deputy Prime Minister Comrade Ishwar Pokhrel has said that all the employers and workers have no option to join the Social Security Fund. He reminded that the Contribution based Social Security Fund Act was implemented by Parliament and said that no one was allowed to abide by the law. He said that no one could escape from the obligation to obey the law.

Speaking at a special program organized on the occasion of first anniversary of the contribution-based social security program, Deputy Prime Minister Pokhrel said that every employer and workers in Nepal needs to be integrat into social security scheme. He said that it would ensure the future of the workers, increase productivity and create employment opportunity in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister further said that now the number of youths in Nepal is large and that it is rare. He said that it is necessary to create employment opportunities in the country for the young manpower. It  create the base  for sustainable development of the country.He said that the prosperity of the country could be seen in our time only if we could do so, adding that through the effective implementation of social security program & foreign employment will be discouraged by creating decent job in country.

Speaking as the chief guest at the program, Deputy Prime Minister Pokhrel said that the problems seen in operation of Social Security Fund will be resolved through mutual dialogue saying that the government would cooperate with all parties, to move forward. 

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Rameshwor Ray Yadav said that the contribution based social security program will help for the protection and productivity of the workers. He further said that the workers who have been registered in social security program will focused on work and it would benefit the employers as well.

Minister Yadav said that the government has taken forward a contribution based social security program to fulfill the responsibility toward the workers, to develop good labor relations and to build a civilized society.

Speaking on the occasion, Cde. Binod Shrestha, President of Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JTUCC), a joint organization of trade unions of Nepal, said “we have   expected to register at least fifty thousand enterprises within a year in the contribution-based Social Security Fund, but the results were not encouraging”. He has reminded that the Social Security program was started on the basis of tripartite agreement and commitment of all parities. "There is a lack of enthusiasm from some employers; we are looking for the cause” He said. He further said that Trade unions wanted to develop good industrial labor relations by encompass the common workers in social security scheme.  But the delay in the implementation of the Social Security scheme has led to doubts over the fact that the agreement itself and the reluctance to implement it. 

Speaking on the occasion, President Shrestha said that social security for all is our demand but this could not happen so that trade unions have been demanding it. Stating that trade unions have constant favor of epoch- changes & there should be a clarification on issues related to taxation of funds from government. 

He further  expressed gratitude for the work done by the Government of Nepal for the implementation of the Social Security Program and said that it added a brick to make working class life dignified and prosperous.

Speaking on the program, Senior Vice President of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mr.  Shekhar Golchha,said Some complexity has been seen in social security program,  it needs to be resolved and program should move forward, the employers are committed to participating in it. Stating that Nepal has its own originality, he said that the capacities of the employers are different and there is a need to find ways to adjust it. He further said that the employers and workers were being gradually registered & pace has been increasing.

On the occasion, Vice-President of FNCCI Mr.  Chandra Dhakal said that Federation was committed to implement social security program effectively and said as this is new program so that it is taking time to explain to the employers and workers.  

President of the Federation of Nepalese Industries said that the implementation of the program has begun, theoretically and practically, only the need for additional structures to make the program a success.
Representatives from different employers’ organizations and trade unions spoke on the occasion.

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