GEFONT’s Bagamati Zonal level leading Activists orientation concludes

March 12- GEFONT’s Bagamati Zonal level leading Activists orientation has been concluded on March 12 ,2016. Addressing the programme GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Bishnu Lamsal said, “Devastating earthquake on April 25 and series of quakes for months afterwards, the protest led by Terai based political parties in Southern Nepal and trade embargo imposed by India has made severe effect on working class.

" Secretary General further added “Nepal constitution is one of the best constitution,so no need to worry by neighboring countries.The new constitution is very progressive than the previous .Most of the workers issue are addressed in constitution, However some of the rights - Rights of strike, formation of Labour Commission,10% workers representation in every structure of the state are not secured in the Constitution and we are continue lobbying for that."

On the occasion, GEFONT Deputy Secretary General Cde.Janak Chaudhary said Transformation is not possible if we do not change our way of thinking. During the occasion, GEFONT secretary Cde. Deepak Poudel Highlighted the GEFONT campaign on 17 paisa -!7 Rights.

More than 500 hundred leading activists of GEFONT Bagmati zone had participated in the orientation. During the orientation, current political situation of Nepal, New constitution, Workers issue in new constitution, effect  caused by blockade and future strategy of GEFONT to include workers issue in constitution which are not included in new constitution were shared and discussed .

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