GEFONT organises interaction with employers of outsourcing companies

Kathmandu; General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) has organized disscussion program with represents of outsourcing companies on 3rd July, 2020. discussion was focue on the issue of outsourced workers and impact of COVID 19.

During a discussion held at GEFONT Regular Trade Union School, Anamnagar, GEFONT president Cde.  Binod Shrestha said that workers and employers are two sides to the same coin. Prez Shrestha said that there is no alternative for both parties to find a solution to the problem due to the epidemic of Covid-19. He has pointed out that even if someone took immediate advantage of the problem, it would not go for long-term.

Speaking on the occasion, President  Shrestha said that confusion could be resolved through mutual dialogue between trade unions and employers, adding that it would not be acceptable for GEFONT to deprive any worker of the rights to organize in the name of resolving the issue.

GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Janak Chaudhary highlighted the need and importance of discussion and said that the solution to the problem would be found through the dialogue. He also informed that GEFONT wants to continue the dialogue in coming days also.

On the occasion, Rameshwar Shah, President of the outsourcing Association of Nepal, said that there is  no alternative for employer & trade unions to solve the problems in the sector, stating that there is a problem in the sector due to lack of honesty, non-compliance with the law and amendment of some laws. onbehalf of outsourcing Association of Nepal He has also handed over a five-point letter to the GEFONT President including a solution to the common problems in the sector.

Likewise, Mr. Jeevan Magar, General Secretary of the All Nepal Workers' Supply association, said that his organization has been  working to make the labor market dignified. he has furthere said that the relationship between the trade unions and the outsourcing employers  is like nail and flesh we have to work together to make the labor market decent. He said that due to the Public Procurement Act, tenders would be awarded at the lowest price so that  workers have to pay attention to this issue as they would be deprived of their salaries and facilities as per the Act.

Speaking on the Program, Mr. Khem Bhandari, General Secretary of the Security employers Association, said that both the employer and the workers were facing problems due to COVID-19.He also said that many workers in hotels and industries have been laid off and in some places outsourcing companies have not received money since January.

During the discussion, GEFONT affiliated Union UNITRAV President Cde.   Suman Parajuli and NESTU President Cde Ganesh Shrestha informed about the problems of outsourced workers. On the occasion, General Secretary of Outsourcing Association of Nepal Mr. Bharat Sangraula, Advisor Mr. Bishnu Acharya and member Mr. Deepak Raut also put their views.

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