Declare immediate local election: GEFONT

Kathmandu General federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) has demanded immediate local election as per the constitution. GEFONT has demanded that the current coalition government, formed by the political conspiracy and the Supreme Court’s order intent on pushing the country towards instability and anarchy. GEFONT has warned that the current government is trying to push after the local election.

GEFONT General Secretary Cde. Janak Chaudhary has said in a press release that the current government is in the process of postponing the local election instead of maintaining peace in the country, and providing health services to the people easily.

The statement of the press release said: “This government is neglecting the matter of strengthening democracy through the periodic election, independent judiciary, and secession. The current government has made the supreme court a political arena of interest groups. In the history of the judiciary, the judiciary has become notorious as an arena for the corrupt to serve the vested interest of some people. But the government has become a viewer. The legislature, judiciary, and the government have reached a point with no difference from the arena of the interest group.

Meanwhile, GEFONT said that periodic elections were the way to prevent the country from going into instability and chaos/confusion. The periodic election is the first condition for strengthening and developing of democracy has been mentioned in the statement. GEFONT has also appealed to the public to expose the government’s conspiracy to make the unrepresentative local level.

GEFONT has demanded to declare the election of the local level immediately as per the constitution without creating political confusion in the country.

The further statement said that people have been hurt by the new infection of Coved 19. Workers are being deprived of employment, the government neglects the implementation of the labour act, people are struggling without getting the medicine but the government is not serious about this.

GEFONT said that periodic elections are the only legal way to overcome such a situation and the constitution, laws prevailing in the country, the body that makes and implements the laws are the people's representatives at the local level. GEFONT said that there is no doubt that the government is conspiring to dismantle such an important body therefore GEFONT oppose the government’s conspiracy to make the country unrepresentative.

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