Nepal Auto Mechanics Trade Union (NATU) Foundation day

In April 2, 1994 motorbike auto mechanics formed Nepal Motorbike Workshop Workers Union. With in two years, in April 6, 1996 motor mechanics formed Independent Auto Mechanics Workers Union. These two unions merged to form Nepal Auto Mechanics Trade Union (NATU) in July 19, 1997. This is an unique union, which has mainly skilled human resources- the mechanics!
The union covers the workers working in various sectors related to auto-machine like auto workshops fixing engines, workshop for fixing dent and paint, workshop for making chassis and body, workshop for mending spring rods and radiator, workshop for crank cutting and auto engineering, workshop for fixing auto electrical, electronics and head and workshop for fixing fuel pumps.
Similarly, sector of servicing and greasing, lathe machines, milling machines and block boring, sector of producing and distributing lubricants, sector for diesel, petrol pumps, and auto parts, enterprises for providing auto-mechanical technical trainings and driving institutions and all the related workshops and workers working in the field of producing and distributing the auto parts and vehicles are domain of this union.

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