CUPPEC Nepal has submitted the Labour Desk Procedure

CUPPEC Nepal submitted a memorandum to the local level across the country on January 24  demanding the establishment of contribution-based social security and labour desks at the local level. Every year on January 24 as part of the campaign conducted by the CUPPEC Nepal, the local committee of CUPPEC have submitted a memorandum this year as well.

Every year on January 10th, as part of the campaign conducted by CUPPEC Nepal, the local committees of CUPPEC Nepal have also submitted a memorandum this year.

By implementing the constitution, Labour law and local Government act to make the Nepali labour Market decent and fair, to collect systematic details of the condition number services facilities of the workers working in the formal, informal and self-employed labour sector, to record and solve the problem, federalism and decentralization. He has submitted the procedure for operating labour desks at the local level saying that it is necessary to establish them at every local level by assimilating the recognition.

Likewise, the CUPPEC Nepal centre office has informed that all construction and informal workers and self-employed workers have been requested to be registered in the social security fund.

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