Manpower development as per technology requires: Minister Bista

Kathmandu, Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Mr. Gokarna Bista said that the technology is changing; it is necessary to develop manpower accordingly. Only then, development of manpower and creates jobs according to labour market.

Speaking at a high-level policy conference organized by the GEFONT Minister Bista said that the current government is aware of the need of development of Nepali youth and their skills, and connect them to the labor market. Minister Bista said that it is the responsibility of the present government to make it a mere choice by ending the compulsory foreign employment.

He further said when decent work and living condition can be created, youths will find employment in the country. He said that foreign workers were working in Nepal due to lack of mismatch of the skill and labour market. “still more than half million foreign nationals employed in Nepal, including India, Bangladesh and other countries, to end this contradictory situation, it is necessary to attract Nepali youth to work within country ” he said. Minister Bista also said that the monthly average income of those who employed in Nepal is Rs. 21,000 and the monthly average income of those employed in foreign employment is Rs. 33,000, saying that, instead of being cheated at various stages by spending millions, he urged to focus on the employment within country.

Minister Bista said that the main focus of the current government is to create jobs in the country, adding that the work of collecting statistics for the unemployment, on one hand and identifying potential employment areas on the other is underway. He said that 1.7 million people have applied to the job information centers, saying that they are unemployed so far and identification of the people who are really unemployed, to find out their skills and educational status is going on.

Likewise, the government is also studying the information technology, agriculture, co-operative and employment opportunities in various sectors. He also informed that the government is working towards the goal of creating an additional five lakh jobs within a country. Speaking at the GEFONT Policy Conference, Minister Bista said that currently around 5 lakha youth is entering the labor market annually but the average employment available ranged from 1.5 lakha to 1.85 lakha only. He said the rest of the manpower had no opportunity to work in Nepal so either involved in agriculture or in seasonal employment or forced to go for foreign employment so that creation of employment is the priority of the present government and the Ministry of Labor is working accordingly.

In Nepal, the demographics of population in the age group of 15 to 24 years are 34 percent, Saying that this population is a great opportunity for long-term development of Nepal, Minister Bista said that the country can be developed by mobilizing the young manpower by the time the age group is reduced to 25 percent by the year 2030. “We have to utilize our young manpower in the development of the country, for that they need to be connected to the labor market through employment” Minister Bista further said. Minister Bista said it is challenging to convert those who have been employed for a short period of time or become unemployed to regular employment for them, government is trying to secure minimum wage conditions and protect by social security.

He said that the government is taking initiatives to bring workers in the social security scheme, increasing employment in government, policy and cooperative sectors and making the prime minister's employment program more effective. Foreign Minister Cde. Pradeep Gyawali and Finance Minister Dr. Yuvraj Khatiwada and others also addressed the program. GEFONT leaders throughout country have participated in the policy conference.

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