​GEFONT’s Eight General Convention slogan and logo made public

The General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union(GEFONT) has released the logo and theme for its 8th National Convention, which will take place on July 21-26.

GEFONT President Binod Shrestha introduced the logo and slogan at the preliminary meeting of the 8th National Congress at GEFONT Central Office on May 23.

President Shrestha explained the relevance of the slogans embraced since GEFONT’s first National Congress, saying that the primary slogan for the eighth National Congress is Consolidated & Comprehensive Democracy for Dignity & Prosperity of the working class.

Following the upcoming National Congress, he noted that this slogan would be represented to set GEFONT’s work plan for the next four years. “GEFONT believes that the labor force will proceed through communication, consensus, and cooperation within the perimeter of democracy since respect and prosperity for the working class can only be accomplished in strong and comprehensive democracy” he added.

According to President Shrestha, the inaugural press conference of GEFONT will be conducted on July 21, which is also the organization’s founding day, and the grand opening ceremony of the Eight Congress will be held on July 23 at Suryadaya Sabhahal in Godavari, Lalitpur District. 

Shrestha urged each GEFONT member to chip in at least Rs100 for concluding the National Congress, citing that 500 delegates and more than 50 foreign guests would attend. 

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