Workers of Kantipur Publication Agitates for Minimum Wage


Kathmandu, GEFONT affiliate union IMPRESSION Nepal & Kantipur publication agitation committee demonstrated in Kathmandu against kantipur media house, demanding immediate implementation of minimum wage as per Nepal Government on 3rd August 2019.

During the demonstration, rally was turned into a mass meeting in Maitighar Mandala which was  started from Baneshwor. The participants of the demonstration chanted slogan of immediate implementation of minimum wage according to the working journalist Act, stop the conspiracy of the employer to enforce the double Act in the same media house,

Addressing the mass meeting, GEFONT NEC member & President of IMPRESSION Nepal Cde.  Mahendra Lal Shrestha emphasized on the need for unity to meet the demands of the working people. He further said “Big media house only talk about rights but they themselves neglects even for the minimum wage for their workers.”He urged all the workers to fight for the rights.

Likewise, Central committee Member of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Mr. Janmdev Jassi, said that the Federation of Journalists was always with the appropriate demands of the working journalists and the workers. Mr. Ramesh KC, President of the All Nepal Printing and Publishing Association also addressed the mass meeting.


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