Discussion about the role of workers in the provincial and representative assembly elections to be held on the November 20

The General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) has organized a discussion on the role of workers in the province and representatives election to be held on November 20 at GEFONT regular school, Anamnagar on September 9.

GEFONT President Binod Shrestha stated that GEFONT is lobbying the relevant bodies for the representation of the working class in the upcoming election saying that the CPN UML manifesto has been submitted to the draft committee as a suggestion for the issues of labour and employment in the election manifesto of the house of representation and provincial assembly 2079 to be issued by the CPN UML in the general election.

GEFONT President Shrestha emphasized that all members should be mobilizes to ensure the victory of CPN UML candidates in the upcoming election.

In the discussion, President, secretary general of GEFONT national committee, Bagmati Province  and GEFONT affiliates union  attend and GEFONT General Secretary obvious about the topics of discussion.

Likewise, GEFONT Lumbhini province committee has submitted the attention letter to the CPN UML Lumbhini Province committee demanding the representation of working class in the upcoming election to be held on November.

GEFONT province committee Humakanta Kafle informed that," GEFONT had been demanding that 10% of the working class should be represented at each level. Accordingly GEFONT has submitted a letter of attention to Lumbini Party Committee president Radhakrishna Kandel demanding that 10% of the candidates should be from the working class selecting candidates in the provincial and federal elections.

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