​Kamlesh Jha becomes president of Madhesh province.

GEFONT Madesh province has held its first convention presided by the Kamlesh Jha on the 13th of June 2022 at Hotel Simara In, Bara.
Inaugurating the convention, Chief guest, GEFONT President Binod Shrestha, claimed that the CPN UML-led government has done additionally for the prosperity of Nepali workers.
He further added, that the Contribution-based social security program has been implemented as a system by the CPN UML-led government and GEFONT warned the current government and take initiatives to include all workers in the social security fund as contribution-based social security was essential for the dignified work of formal and informal workers. 

Similarly, GEFONT Vice president and Madhesh Province in-charge Manju Thapa stated, that the achievement earned from past struggles, legal rights, and salary facilities, and the achievement gained from the hard struggle of GEFONT should be passed on to the workers.
President circle formed presided by the GEFONT Secretary General Janak Chaudhary presented the financial report and the organizational report was passed with some suggestions.
The 17-member committee has been elected presided by Kamlesh Jha, Amar Yadav as a Vice president, Mukti Chaudhary as a secretary, and Kalpana Koirala as a joint secretary.

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