Two committees of GSG formed in Sanaiya

Nepalese migrant workers gathered at Plaza Mall Arabian Restaurant in Sanaiya, Qatar, on June 19th, organized by GEFONT Support Group, Qatar.

The chief guest at the event was the founder and President of the GEFONT support group and a representative of ITUC Nepal and the gathering program has formed 2 separate committees in the Sanaiya area.

Sanaiya A and Sanaiya B have been named and 7 members committee was formed under the presidency of Dhurba Rajbansi and 15 members local committee was formed under the presidency of Pom Bahadur Thapa.

GSG Qatar executive President Khadka informed that the leaders of GSG Qatar member of the Middle East Migrant Nepali Forum member Chanilal Rajbansi were participating in the program held under the presidency of the Executive President of Nepali Migrant Workers Union Samundra Khadka.


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